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Here Nigel Johnson, VE3ID,  and Delores Johnson make available information as we see fit.

Make sure you refresh your browser when you visit - there are changes being made all the time.

General: When you connect here, you are entering our condo in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We live in the village of Deer Park, just East of Upper Canada College. (Eventually I hope to get around to having a live picture here from our window.) For obvious reasons the address is not here, but you can always email us at

Technical: At present, our linux server is running on a Compaq Presario on a LAN which includes five other computers: four PCs running Windows, and Linux, and two DEC microVAXes running NetBSD and VMS. As you might have guessed, I am somewhat of an historian of old computer hardware! The front panel of the Univac 418 Mainframe computer that I maintained when I was a young lad sits on my desk at work waiting to be hooked to simulator!

Hobbies: Well, that's difficult. After building the network above, keeping it running, and studying for the Microsoft MCSE exams, I don't have much time for hobbies. However I do seem to remember being an amateur (ham) radio operator at some time or another in the past. I'm known as VE3ID in Canada and G4AJQ in the U.K. We both are active in our Church and like to play scrabble and watch old movies and M*A*S*H episodes. We also like to collect MIDI files and play them on our synthesiser.

Genealogy: Nigel is interested in Genealogy, and has the family tree documented all the way back to the late sixteenth century. He is interested in the names JOHNSON-STRUDWICK-HALE-POINTZ from England, especially any with a connection to the village of Wotton-Under-Edge, Gloucestershire, England, or thereabouts.

Watch this web site for further information!

Nigel's Ham Radio information: Nigel on

Nigel is a Professor at Sheridan College: Nigel's Informal Bio at Sheridan

For a live map of several ham radio stations reporting their position around Toronto: Toronto HAM positions

For the same data live from Nigel's station on toip of the building where he lives: Nigel's APRS Station

Every family has its photo album. We share ours here for those interested

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